Baby Boomer Wellness – 3 P’s to Being a Health and Wellness Pro

The first “P”, prediction helps us to educate ourselves. An example of prediction is the way life insurance companies look at lab tests and life styles to see if you may live 20 years, have genetic issues or other significant risk factors. This is a type of predictive modeling your personal primary care doctor may use, too.


The second “P”, prevention, is knowledge you receive and apply to your lifestyle in order to stave off unhealthy diseases and disorders–spiritual, mental or physical. Daily lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, emotions, a genetically inherited disorder or disease, attitude and belief all play a role in health and wellness. An example of preventative action would be visiting the dentist. You may go every six months, but you still need to commit to the day to day care of your teeth.


If you are uncomfortable with a health care providers information or decision, don’t take his/her word at face value. Challenge your medical provider’s info (not his intelligence) and ask questions. You are the customer. Write down the questions before your appointment. Take notes during the visit. Take along a trusted friend or family member so they can hear what you missed. Baby Boomers are polite and resourceful people, and we do not have to be intimidated by asking questions. Some questions to ask may be:

1) Why this medicine over another medicine?

2) What are the side effects of this medicine or procedure? When can I cut back or stop treatment?

3) When will I feel better?

4) What will I need to do to maintain improvement?

5) How will I know if this is going to work? Where can I get more information?

6) Is there an alternative or complimentary treatment that is available?

Practicing the 3 P’s will help you to focus on what is possible for your wellness. Wellness is not static. It concentrates on the present and the future. Wellness Coaching follows the same path. AS Baby Boomers, focusing on where you are right now and desiring to enhance you future (as well as the here and now) contributes to your overall well being and healthier senior years.

Health and Wellness and Work From Home – An Unbeatable Combination

Each year, the Health and Wellness industry grows at an astounding rate. One of the main drivers of this growth is the desire to live healthier and longer, to be able to enjoy a better quality of life for a longer period of time. These are admirable goals, as being healthy and able to enjoy one’s life is a worthwhile objective.

On the flip side, many individuals suffer daily from many health conditions which hinder their ability to live normal active lives. These conditions include inflammation, depression, fatigue, GI disorders, and high blood pressure, to name a few. Thousands of dollars are spent each year to treat these conditions with medicine, medicines that have dangerous side effects and are just as likely to be ineffective as they are to be successful. Medicines often help you cope with the condition but do not remove the source of the problem.

While medicines can have their place, natural alternatives that help cure the root of the problem while avoiding nasty side effects are a preferred course of action for many. Conditions like high blood pressure, inflammation, fatigue, and GI disorders have been shown to be effectively helped by the use of antioxidants and a relatively unknown super-nutrient called xanthones. Not only are many conditions helped through xanthones and antioxidants, one’s immune system is strengthened, preventing many diseases and conditions from occurring.

In addition to wanting to live healthy, people want to control their own destiny by having financial independence. This involves being in charge of their professional and financial future. Unfortunately, job security in corporate America is a thing of the past, and often people are let go not because of poor performance, but because someone can be hired to do the work cheaper. There are various ways to get control of one’s future, but most cost a lot of money and take years to see financial benefit, not to mention the time involved. The work from home phenomena has created opportunities for millions of people and given them futures they never thought possible. With the use of the internet and online communications, being a successful business entrepreneur from home is as easy as ever. When one finds an opportunity to live healthier, help others live healthier, and take control of one’s financial future, it is an opportunity that can not be overlooked. It is rewarding to help others take control of their health and future.

Health and Medicine – How To Stay Safe When Going To The Hospital

Each year two million Americans acquire hospital infections and over 90,000 of those people will die. This is an alarming statistic to say the least. Hospitals are where one goes to get well not feel worse. But unfortunately, while a hospital is a place of healing it can also be a safe haven for germs.

For instance, when the doctor goes to a patient’s room they usually either shake hands with that patient or they have to touch the patient when performing a medical exam. Assume that patient has a contagious illness and the doctor accidentally forgets to wash his hands when he comes into your room. He performs the necessary medical exam on you and of course his hands and that other person’s germs are on you! When a doctor comes into your room politely ask them if they have washed their hands before the medical exam.

It is also imperative that you as the patient wash your hands constantly while in the hospital. Remember, that before you were in that room someone else that was sick was in that room and may have had spreadable germs. So when you touch the bathroom door handle, the telephone, the tv remote, or the nurse call system, remember that you are potentially picking up unwanted illnesses. These items will have all been cleaned each time a patient is discharged from the hospital but we all know that no cleaner kills 100 percent of all germs.

Hospital spread infections have become a serious problem. As the patient, it is your responsibility to watch out for your health care. It is vital that you reduce the chance of infection as best as possible so that you will not develop any unwanted medical illnesses.

Information About Alternative Therapy in Health and Medicine

Have you just learned about the latest fad in alternative therapy in health and medicine? Chances are that this “new” alternative therapy in health and medicine has actually been in existence for centuries, but is only now getting media attention and acceptance from the modern medical society. If you have recently read or heard about a new alternative treatment that sounds appealing to you, or if you have a condition that is unresponsive to western medical approaches, you might want to consider giving this alternative therapy in health and medicine a try.

Do The Research

It would be wrong to just make an appointment for that particular alternative therapy in health and medicine and just show up at the practitioner’s office. Do some comparison shopping first, much like you would when choosing any doctor or health practitioner. Here are a few key points you should consider and research before making an appointment:

Is this treatment affordable? Most health insurance companies refuse to cover any treatment that they deem an alternative therapy in health and medicine. Some treatments can be costly when paying out of pocket. Will the practitioner you’re considering agree to a payment plan, or just one lump sum?

Do you understand the treatment? You might be asked to view things in your life differently, and make some significant lifestyle changes. Is that something you’re ready for?

Do you know your entire medical history? Your alternative medicine practitioner will need to know your detailed medical history, including physical and mental health. This is to help prevent any complications, for example if something containing chamomile is prescribed and you are allergic to ragweed, you could end up with a very severe reaction.

Is there a practitioner available near your home? You may need more than one session, so how far do you want to travel?

If you have put sufficient thought and research into the above questions, then you are ready to start your journey with alternative therapy in health and medicine.

Be Patient

You may not notice significant changes after just one visit. You should exercise some patience. Odds are, some significant changes in your diet, exercise, and ways of dealing with stress will need to be made. You may have to find healthier ways to deal with stress, like walking, yoga, or meditation instead of smoking, drinking, or eating too much.